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Terms Of Use



1.1           This document governs the use of the Cartehub Cuisines website. By signing on to our platform, you agree to the terms and conditions of use in full if you are registering on our website, submit food items details and use our services.
1.2           Subject to the terms and conditions provided, Cartehub Cuisines owns and controls all the copyright and other intellectual property and material on our website are reserved.
1.3           You may use our platform for your personal business purposes only and to manage your sales and food items.


2.1           If you register for an account with our website, we will provide you with login details comprising a user ID and password.
2.2           Your user ID must not be used by a third party. It must be used strictly for business with Cartehub Cuisines. You must keep your password confidential.
2.3           You are responsible for any activity on your account arising out of the failure to keep your details safe, password confidential, and may be held liable for any losses arising out of such a failure.


3.1           If you register with our website as a seller, you will be able to set up your seller restaurant after validation.
3.2           We reserve the right to reject, unpublish or delete any seller restaurant which breaches the terms and conditions or doesn’t meet up to the guidelines for seller restaurants.

    1. Food items submitted for listing on our website must be those that fall within the following categories:
  2. Starters
  3. Main meals
  4. Desserts
  5. Sides
  6. Breakfast
  7. Lunch
  8. Dinner
  9. Specials
  10. Local dishes
  11. Continental
  12. Lamb
  13. Chicken
  14. Seafood
  15. Steak
  16. Barbecue
  17. Finger foods
  18. Snacks
  19. Sandwiches
  20. Burgers and Hot dogs
  21. Cake
  22. Pizza
  23. Rice Dishes
  24. Noodle Dishes
  25. Pasta
  26. Fries
  27. Salads
  28. Sauces
  29. Soups
  30. Combo
  31. Water
  32. Soft Drinks
  33. Milk
  34. Tea
  35. Coffee
  36. Chocolate
  37. Soda
  38. Juice
  39. Beer
  40. Wine
  41. Spirits
  42. Mixers
  43. Energy drinks
  44. Champagne
  45. Irish Cream
  46. Cocktails
  47. Mocktails
  48. Fruit-based drinks
  49. Local Drinks

4.2           You must not advertise, sell, buy or submit to our website any food item that

  1. Breaches any laws, regulations or codes, or infringes any person’s intellectual property rights, or gives rise to a cause of action against any person, in any jurisdiction and under any applicable law.
  2. Contains materials that would, if published on our website by you, goes against our set rules and guidelines
  3. Relates to contrabands, items that encourage or facilitate criminal acts, civil wrongs or infringe on intellectual property rights.

5.1           Purchasing your food items will be a contract between you and the buyer who is also a registered user of the website. The ordering process involves

  1. The buyer must add whatever food items he or she wishes to their cart and proceed to checkout
  2. The buyer will enter login details, select preferred mode of delivery and confirm order. The buyer must also consent to the terms and conditions and sale requirements
  3. The buyer will be transferred to the website of the appropriate payment platform, which will handle the buyer’s payment and submit to the seller. The buyer must make payment for food items in full using bank transfer, a credit or debit card
  4. The buyer will be notified by an automatically generated acknowledgement that payment has been received
  5. The seller must check and confirm whether it is able to meet the buyer’s order. The seller will send a buyer an order confirmation. This becomes a binding contract between both seller and buyer. If unable to execute an order the buyer will be notified by email that it is unable to meet the order.

6.1           The price of food items will be as stated in the food items listing.

  1. Delivery charges, packaging charges, handling charges, administrative charges, insurance costs, VAT, and other ancillary costs and charges will be payable only by the buyer unless otherwise stated in the food items listing.
  2. Payment for order made will be received by the seller maximum of 4 days, depending on payment gateway efficiency
  3. Deliveries of food items must be made within the delivery times stated on the website following the date the contract of sale comes into force or a shorter period as agreed by the seller and buyer.
  4. Deliveries must be made using the appropriate channels as agreed upon by Cartehub Cuisines and the seller
  5. Food items must be of satisfactory quality, must be fit for the specified purpose and conform to all the descriptions specified in the food items listing

7.1           A buyer may wish to cancel an order or cancel a contract with a seller. The buyer must inform the seller of such intention to withdraw or cancel. The buyer may inform the seller by means of any clear statement setting out the decision. This may be done using the cancellation form we or the seller make available to the buyer. Cancellation deadline is 10minutes after order has been made.
7.2           To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for the buyer to send the communication concerning the cancellation before the period elapses.
7.3           Refunds of payment to the buyer will be made in so far as the cancellation comes before expiration. If payment has been received by the seller, the buyer will receive a full refund of the amount paid to the seller in respect of the order including the cost of delivery.
7.4           If the buyer chose a kind of delivery costing more than the least expensive kind of delivery the seller offers, the seller reserves the right to retain the difference in cost between the kind of delivery chosen by the buyer and the least expensive mode of delivery the seller offers.
7.5           The seller will refund money using the same method as the buyer used when making payment, unless the buyer expressly states and agrees otherwise.
7.6           If the seller has not sent out food items before the cancellation or withdrawal, or has offered to collect the food items, the seller will process a refund due to the buyer without undue delay, within a period of 2 days after the seller was informed of the withdrawal or cancellation.
7.7           A buyer will not have any right to cancel an order or contract of sale as described in the section above insofar as it relates to:

  1. The supply of Preordered items
  2. The supply of custom-made food products prepared particularly for a customer or user, food items that are prepared on the basis of an individual’s choice or decision by the buyer, food items that are clearly personalized;
  3. The supply of packaged food items
  4. The supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons, where such goods can or have been unsealed by the buyer; and
  5. The supply of goods which are, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items after delivery

8.1           Marketplace sellers must pay to us the following amounts as specified on our website:

  1. Fees in respect to the creation of a seller account
  2. Fees in respect to the creation of a seller store
  3. Fees in respect to the creation of a seller food items listing
  4. Commission in respect of each sale made through our website.    

8.2           In respect to the fees stated above, (i) to (iii) are waived for a period till January 2021. The fees will be as specified on our website from time to time; and the scope and duration of the services in relation to payable fees will be specified on our website at the time those fees are paid.
8.3           In respect of commission payable to us by sellers:

  1. Commission shall be payable at the rate of 10% of aggregate sales value (excluding VAT, sales taxes and delivery charges
  2. Commission will be deducted from amounts held or processed by us on behalf of the seller; and
  3. Commission payments are non-refundable, irrespective of whether a buyer subsequently cancels the underlying order and irrespective of whether a buyer is entitled to, or receives a refund on such an order.

8.4           All amounts stated in these terms of use or on our website are stated inclusive of VAT.
8.5           The seller acknowledges that we may be required by applicable law to make VAT-related or other tax-related deductions to payments processed by us on behalf of a seller. Such deductions may be remitted to the relevant government tax authorities. Within 5 days following sending of a request by us to a seller, the seller must pay to us or reimburse us in respect of such amounts, without prejudice to our rights, and we may deduct such amounts from payments due to the seller under these terms of use.
8.6           Promptly following receipt of a written request from us, you must supply us any information and documentation we may reasonably request in order to identify you or facilitate our compliance with our legal obligations relating to the taxation of payments made to us or processed by us under or in relation to these terms and conditions. We may supply such information and/or documentation to relevant government and tax authorities.
8.7           Variation of fees may occur from time to time. Notifications for that will be posted on our website, but this will not affect the fees for services that have been previously paid for.
8.8           We may vary commission rates from time to time by posting new rates on our website, but this will not affect any liability to pay commission that accrues before the new rates are posted.

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