What’s Cartehub Cuisines?
It’s all in the name. At Cartehub Cuisines, you can order delivery online from your favorite local restaurants and liquor stores.

How do I use Cartehub Cuisines?
You can order pickup too.
Enter your address in the search bar on the home page, select the category that you’d like to browse (i.e. Food or Drinks), and press the Search button. On the results page, you can switch between categories by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.

From the home page, you can also search by toggling the icons above the search bar. This allows you to search by Restaurant address, your city, Restaurant name, street name, cuisine or dish

How do I filter my results?
If you know exactly what you’re looking for (e.g. “Jollof Rice”) or just have a general idea (e.g. “frozen yogurt” or “banana split”), you can also enter keywords into the second search bar.
After you enter your address and press Search, you can sort the results alphabetically, or by customer rating, distance, or minimum subtotal. You can also select and combine filters like cuisine types or special offers.

What is the “Default” sort setting?
The default sort is based off of factors like distance, ratings, and your own personal ordering history. It’s not based on paid advertisements from merchants; besides the clearly marked Sponsored listings at the top of the results, we don’t charge merchants to improve their search rank.

Why don’t I see my favorite merchant?
If the merchant is closed when you do your search, it will appear at the bottom of the page with the next available delivery time written in red. But if your favorite merchant isn’t already on Cartehub Cuisines, then drop us a line via our Contact Us page. We love suggestions.

How much does it cost to use Cartehub Cuisines?
10% of your order cost. A part of of the 10% is used for subsidizing delivery charges in most cases and another for mobile transaction settlements and all. Kindly bear with us. We appreciate your kind understanding.

How does Cartehub Cuisines make money?
We make N0 on every order we send to a merchant. We never take a percentage of the tip.

Can I schedule an order for some time in the future?
Sure can. Instant order processing is the default setting. However, on both the search page and the menu page, you will be able to toggle and you can select any delivery or pickup time up to one week in advance. Press Update and you’ll be ready to place your future order.

How do I know the restaurant/store/cleaner received my order?
After you place an order, you’ll receive an email from us confirming that we received your order. If you opt into Whatsapp message notifications, you’ll receive a text as soon as the merchant confirms your order.

Note: Orders placed for future delivery or pickup are sent to the merchant around one hour before the scheduled delivery/pickup time. If, at the time of confirmation, the merchant informs us that they have a problem fulfilling your order (e.g., an item is unavailable), we will notify you immediately. In the case of future orders, it’s best to provide an accurate phone number and keep your phone handy in case we or the merchant need to reach you.

How do I change or cancel my order?
If your order is scheduled for ASAP delivery or pickup, the merchant will already be in the process of preparing the order. For that reason, any changes or cancellations are best sent withing 5minutes.

If your order is scheduled for delivery or pickup at some point in the future, you can cancel or change the order up to one hour before the scheduled time. Go into your Order History, locate the “Awaiting order” and click the “Cancel order” button.

What if I have a problem with my order?
The fastest way to fix an issue is to call Cartehub Cuisines Customer Support team, either by chat or by calling +234 802 246 2225.

How do I use a promo code?
Once you’ve added all the items you wish to order to your bag, press “Checkout.” Underneath the “Tip amount” box (don’t forget about the tip amount box!), enter your promo code and press “Add.” Your bag will now reflect the discount. If you have multiple promos applied to your account, simply select the one you wish to use by clicking on it. In most cases, you cannot combine promotions or other offers.

Where do the ratings and reviews come from?
All ratings and reviews come from the Cartehub Cuisines community, and a user can only leave a review after completing a purchase with that merchant.

Your opinions help members make informed decisions (“You won’t find fresher sushi this side of the Pacific!”) and they help merchants improve their service with valuable customer commentary.

How do Delivery Points work?
Every time you place an order from a local business listed on Cartehub Cuisines — be it for food or drinks — you earn 20 Delivery Points for every N1000 spent on the subtotal. So a N5000 order, before tax and tip, nets you 100 Delivery Points. Please note that gift card purchases do not earn Delivery Points.

How do I apply my Cartehub Cuisines credit to an order?
If you redeemed your Delivery Points for Cartehub Cuisines credit, the credit will automatically be applied to your account. Credits can then be applied to an order by selecting them on the checkout page.
Please be aware that credits and promotions can only be applied to non-cash orders.

Why won’t the promo code / Cartehub Cuisines credit apply to my order?
All available discounts appear on the checkout screen underneath the “Tip Amount” field. To use a discount on your order, make sure the box is selected; the text will become bold, and the discount will appear in your bag.

If it’s still not working, check the details of the discount, which also appear in the box. Make sure your order meets the minimum required subtotal, not counting any other discounts. And remember that most discounts cannot be combined with others. Credits and discounts can only be applied to non-cash orders.

How does Tell-a-Friend work?
If you love Cartehub Cuisines and you love free stuff, then get a load of this: You can earn N100 in Cartehub Cuisines credit for each friend that you get to sign up.

To get started, click the “Tell-a-Friend” tab in your account page. There you’ll see your unique share link which you can copy to send to friends. You can also click one of the buttons to automatically post it Facebook, tweet it, or email it.

By signing up through your personal link, your friend will automatically get N100 to use on their first order. And you’ll get N100 applied to your account after they place their order. All Tell-a-Friend discounts require a minimum subtotal of N500 and expire 3 months from their issue date.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn, so share away!

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